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Unlock the Power of the IIoT With Simplified Connectivity
Keeping Connectivity Simple for Your Serial Devices
  Get Full Visibility For Your Industrial Networks
With 30 years of experience in connectivity for industrial automation, we make IIoT connectivity easy for you. Explore our worldwide customer case studies to see how the IIoT can transform your business. >> more   Connecting your serial devices is easier than you think. We offer easy-to-use solutions to make sure all kinds of serial devices can be connected to an Ethernet-based network or to the cloud. >> more  
Our MXstudio network management software offers visibility of operational technology (OT), allowing operators to make more informed decisions throughout deployment, maintenance, and diagnostics. >> more
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Simplifying Connectivity to Enable Remote Monitoring  
Simplifying Connectivity to Enable Predictive Maintenance
Predictive maintenance is already proving to be one of the more rewarding uses of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), creating new opportunities for businesses to reduce downtime and improve productivity. For many businesses, however, implementing predictive maintenance has been harder than expected. We look at ways to simplify connectivity to achieve predictive maintenance...
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Bring Your Field Devices to the IIoT Effortlessly  
Bring Your Field Devices to the IIoT Effortlessly
Collecting data from field devices is crucial for the success of any Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) application. However, heterogeneous networks, different protocols, and multiple devices make the IIoT complex. Bringing all these different elements together will shift your IIoT strategy into top gear. Read on to discover how to enable connectivity for your IIoT applications effortlessly...
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