Data Acquisition / Automation Software

Automation Software

The freely downloadable Moxa automation software package includes two software programs: Active OPC Server Lite and DA-Center. Working with ioLogik series products, both solutions leverage the power of the patented "Active" communications technology from Moxa, which maximizes the efficiency of the data collection from the remote ioLogik devices, delivering faster response, bandwidth savings, and internet access. Moxa Active OPC Server Lite is a middleware solution that seamlessly connects the ioLogik to the SCADA system for remote monitoring, and the DA-Center converts the field data for ODBC-compliant IT databases.

Active OPC Server

Seamlessly connect ioLogik/ioPAC to your SCADA system

DA-Center - New!

Ready-to-run data gateway between remote devices and databases

MXIO Library

Effortless Linux I/O Programming with Moxa MXIO library