Industrial Wireless / Industrial Cellular

Industrial Cellular

Industrial Cellular

Moxa's Industrial cellular solutions are designed for WWAN (Wireless Wide Area Network) communications with serial and Ethernet devices over cellular networks.

A wide selection of products is available for wide range and remote applications, including cellular routers, cellular IP gateways, cellular IP modems, GSM/GPRS modems that adopt GSM/GPRS/EDGE, UMTS/HSDPA, WCDMA, and even 4G cellular technologies.

Industrial Routers

WDR-3124A Series

Industrial 802.11n/HSPA wireless router

OnCell 5104-HSPA Series

Industrial five-band HSPA high speed cellular routers

Cellular IP Gateway - Serial and Ethernet to Cellular

OnCell G3470A-LTE Series

Industrial LTE cellular gateway

OnCell G3150A-LTE Series

Rugged LTE serial/Ethernet-to-cellular gateway

OnCell G3110-HSPA/OnCell G3150-HSPA

Industrial five-band HSPA high speed IP gateways with VPN

OnCell G3111-HSPA/OnCell G3151-HSPA

Compact five-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSPA IP gateways

OnCell G3111/ OnCell G3151/ OnCell G3211/ OnCell G3251

1-port/2-port RS-232 or RS-232/422/485 GSM/GPRS IP gateways

Industrial Cellular Modem - GSM/GPRS Cellular Modem

OnCell G2111/ OnCell G2151I

1-port RS-232 or RS-232/422/485 GSM/GPRS modems

OnCell Central Manager Software

OnCell Central Manager

Centralized private IP management software