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You may not realize it, but chances are good that the facilities that you have been using are running on our communication network. From a moving train to a high rise building, to outdoor roadside enclosure, to a mission critical refinery and seaport, power substation. You will find our systems on traffic display, reservoir monitoring system, surveillance & intruder detection system and unmanned weather monitoring system.

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When it comes to data communication & network, everyone has their own needs. That’s why we provide a wide range of products designed specially with your application in mind.
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ExcelNex is a key player in providing embedded, communication & networking solution & Wireless Network Assurance for various vertical market segments. We come a long way to perfect our “solutions”. Who we are...

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We provide broad range of solutions to meet your most demanding support requirements. You can depend on our experienced support team to be there when you need us.
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