Industrial Ethernet / Industrial Secure Routers

Industrial Secure Routers

Industrial Secure Routers

Moxa's industrial firewall/VPN secure routers are designed to defend industrial networks by safeguarding sensitive control networks and mission-critical industrial assets by forming a trusted intranet environment. They support three Gigabit RJ45/SFP interfaces, a dual WAN feature, a wide operating temperature of -40 to 75ºC, and many smart firewall/VPN functions.

Firewall/VPN Secure Routers

EDR-810 Series - New!

Industrial 8+2G multi-port secure router

EDR-G903 Series

Industrial Gigabit secure routers, 2 WAN/1 DMZ, Firewall/NAT, 25 VPN Tunnels

EDR-G902 Series

Industrial Gigabit Secure Router, 1 WAN, Firewall/NAT, 10 VPN Tunnels