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RCore Software

All Moxa embedded computers come well equipped, with embedded OS, middleware, sample code, and tools. Moxa provides programmers with a user-friendly application development environment. As a result, system integration effort is minimized and you save valuable time and money.

Accelerate OT-IT Integration in Your IIoT with ThingsPro™ Suite

Watch this video to learn how Moxa’s ThingsPro Suite can help you simplify your large-scale IIoT deployments.

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IIoT Gateway Starter Kit

Moxa’s Arm-based industrial computer preinstalled with ThingsPro data-acquisition software

ThingsPro Suite

IIoT Gateway and Device Management Software Solution

ThingsPro Gateway For AWS IoT

IIoT DAQ software platform with built-in AWS IoT Device SDK

Proactive Monitoring

Unrestricted remote management for Moxa embedded computers (available free)

Moxa Device Manager

Software visualization tool to monitor computer system status

Smart Recovery - New!

A block-level OS backup and recovery system


Moxa Device Manager Application Program Interface (available free)

Mass Configuration Tool

A time-saving tool that helps users simultaneously deploy many tasks to Moxa’s embedded computers (available free)

Mobile Intelligent Routing Framework- New!

Get Faster Time-to-Market with Our Mobile Intelligent Routing Framework