Product White Papers

We have numerous documents that will help engineers learn more about the various technologies including Wireless, Embedded, Serial, Networking and many more. If you need further assistance, feel free to contact us.


Making Smart Substations Even Smarter: Enhancing Substation Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability
Using MMS and SNMP to Integrate IT Management for Substation Automation


Railway Data Security: Building a Durable NVR Platform
Engineering One Computing Platform for All Classes of Train
Fast Track Integration for Wayside Condition Monitoring and Preventive Maintenance
How to Achieve Greater Reliability Through Smoother Configuration

Intelligent Transportation Systems

ECDIS Hardware and the Integrated Bridge
Using Existing Infrastructure to Build Intelligent Transportation Systems

Oil & Gas

Reducing Downtime for Hazardous Area PC Controllers
Using Industrial Ethernet in the Oil and Gas Industry
Defeating Extreme Cold with an Intelligent Heating Solution

Wireless Technology – WIFI & GSM/GPRS/3G

Cellular Network Solutions
What is the difference Between A Cellular MODEM And A Cellular IP MODEM
Overcoming IP Address Issues With GPRS Remote Monitoring And Alarm Systems
Choosing A Cellular Solution For Connecting Devices To A WWAN
Considerations For Deploying Wireless Applications Across Cellular Networks
Site Planner And Wireless Network Installation
Concurrent Dual-Radio Transmission for Zero Wireless Packet Loss
Using Redundant Wireless for Reliable Heavy Industry Automation
Choosing a Cellular Network Management Solution that Works for You
Expert Tips for Optimizing Industrial Wireless Networks

Embedded Technology

More Than Just CPU Performance Criteria For Choosing an x86-based Embedded Computer. 
The Secret Behind Wide Temperature Technology
Choosing An Embedded Operating System 
Innovative Ergonomic Controls for ECDIS and Bridge Displays

Serial Communication

Redundant Serial-To-Ethernet Data Connections For Mission Critical Devices
3 Way Communication For Serial-To-Fiber Converters
Integrating Legacy Serial Devices into the IoT

Fieldbus Gateway & Board

IT-Friendly Gateway for Optimizing PROFIBUS/PROFINET Automation Networks
New Technology Automates Arduous Routing Setup in Modbus Gateways
What to Consider when Connecting and Monitoring an Engine with a Gateway
How to Optimize SCADA Systems through a Modbus Gateway
How to Architect Your Systems to Get the Most Out of Your Modbus Devices


Inside Into The Future Of Industrial Ethernet Technology
IPv6 Ready Ethernet Switches For Industrial Networking
Optimizing Subnet Interconnections With Industrial Layer 3 Switches
PoE Switches For Industrial Networking
Redundant And Reliable Gigabit Backbone Solution
Redundant Ring Technology For Mission Critical Industrial Ethernet Applications
Requirements For Ethernet Networks In Substation Automation
Using Industrial Ethernet In the Oil & Gas Industry
Turbo Chain: A New Recovery System Beyond Ethernet Redundant Ring Technology
Protecting Industrial Control Systems with Gigabit Cybersecurity
Five Future Challenges for Industrial Ethernet Switches
Industrial Networking Security Best Pratices
Securing Network Devices with the IEC 62443-4-2 Standard
Hands-On Advice for Using SNMP in I/O Applications


Redundancy In Automation

Industrial Video

6 Factors To Consider For Industrial Surveillance System
Video Monitoring Increases The Efficiency Of SCADA
Video Surveillance In Power Substations
How to Choose an Outdoor IP Camera
IP Cameras in the Challenging Light Conditions of Rolling Stock 
Ensure Nonstop IP Surveillance with Optimized Industrial Ethernet Networks